Two young Korean designers from Esmod-Seoul have been chosen as the winners of the Saga-Esmod International Design Competition. The jury chose Ji-young Choi in the “Re-think the classic mink” category, and Choi In Jeong won in the “Accessories” category.

The jury said it was minimal margins that separated the winners from the runners-up. Each candidate was a favorite, each with a strong theme and project. The final decisions were made based on the strength of the assignments as a whole, creativity, layout, each individual design, selection of complementing materials, silhouettes and the newness of ideas.

The winner of each category is invited for a one-week seminar at Saga Design Centre:

“Re-think the classic mink”
Ji-young Choi
Esmod Seoul, Korea

Choi In Jeong
Esmod Seoul, Korea

The jury comments on 4 finalists:

Re-think mink:
Camilla Phil Andersen (Esmod Olso) remained faithful to the theme of re-thinking the classic mink in an extremely trendy conceptual look at womenswear. Young and fun, her design was exciting in its simplicity with such details as combining fur with plastic pearls and other unusual materials. Practical and suitable for production, Andersen cleverly took a novel approach without compromising the wearable value of the garments.

Seo Yeun Jin (Esmod Seoul) conjured up a very masculine solution for menswear, while adding touches by combining fur with unusual materials such as plastic. Through the use of delicate product samples, he captured an Italian spirit and a stylish means of integrating fur into menswear.

Li Zheng (Esmod Paris) worked in the spirit of haute couture, although the assignment showed a modern graphic approach with its complex cuttings. Dramatic shapes were created by combining leather and fur to help manifest a high-profile silhouette.

Anthony Banzo Tentativa (Esmod Paris) offered modern aggressive design in new fur graphics with lovely color combinations. The cutting-edge shapes had all the characteristics that would appeal to the modern, fashion-wise, urban woman.

See sketches from all the finalists:

Category 1:
Re-think the classic mink

Category 2: